Fuck-It List

The Lady introduced me to a concept that was coined by Cheryl Cole.  It is called the ‘Fuck It List’, a take on the ‘Bucket List’ that Cheryl came up with after she nearly died from malaria.  I’ve not had anything quite so drastic, however I do have a list of triathlons, rides and runs (and possibly swims one day) that I would like to tick off as I go.  Some fantastic challenges would be:


The big-daddy.  The ultimate triathlon. The Ironman World Championship.  This has to be #1.

Kona Bike Course

Kona Bike Course

Challenge Melbourne

A home race; would be amazing to run up St Kilda Rd to that finish line and follow it up with a beer with family – couldn’t beat it.

Disney Star Wars Half Marathons

Would have to do both of them (light side and dark side) in LA and Florida; but this would combine two of my great loves in life.

New York Marathon

Its the largest marathon in the world!  I’ve been told that you are hit by a wall of sound as you make your way through the skyscrapers of Manhattan – something I want to experience once.

London Marathon

This one is mainly about the finish – The Mall in front of Buckingham Palace, an amazing finish line.  Hope to get to this one in 2016.

Marathon Des Sables

Six marathons in six days.  251km.  In the desert.  Saved for the especially crazy point in my athletic career.

The Lady thinks I'm insane at this point.

The Lady thinks I’m insane at this point.

Norseman Triathlon

An Ironman in Norway? So what!  Oh, wait – the swim is in a freezing cold fjord.  The cycle is through mountains.  The run is up a mountain.  And if you are fast enough, you get a black finishers shirt.  Want.

Tour De Sean

What is Tour De Sean?  Well, it’s the Tour De France, one day ahead of the peleton (or behind).  Just by myself.  And a block of cheese perhaps.

Escape From Alcatraz

A bit of a weird one, given the distances involved (2.4km swim, 29km bike, 12.8km run); but another race from somewhere I have lived – and well – you escape Alcatraz!

Challenge Roth

An Iron distance triathlon.  Basically the photo below is why I want to do it.

Touch me!

Touch me!

Alpe D’Huez

13.8km doesn’t sound far; except when it is the famous 21 hairpin bends of the Alpe – a must-do if I want to actually be any kind of cycling fan.


The Stelvio Pass in far north Italy would be an amazing, amazing climb – just look at it!




The Hell Of The North!  Completely different to other challenges here, this is one that would be ideally done on a sunny day – not on wet cobbles.  And with someone else’s bike, likely.  One in the ‘more likely than not’ pile.



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