Who Am I?

My name is Sean; I am an injury-prone Ironman-in-waiting.  I’ve completed eighteen distance sporting events; an Ironman, three marathons, three half ironmans, two Olympic distance triathlons, three cyclosportives, four half-marathons, a 10km and a strange 15km race that well, I did it for the t-shirt.   I’m a weak swimmer, a weak cyclist and a slow runner, but I enjoy the cycling the most – though it is a close battle sometimes between that a running.  I definitely don’t like swimming.  While I harbour dreams of one day attempting Kona, I figure that I may have to wait until I am 65 and in a higher age bracket to get the opportunity.  I’m simply too slow.  I’d love to make a 70.3 World Championships or an ITU one, but it will take a metric shedload of work (that’s a lot).

I’m also the father to an adorable daughter, referred to in terms ranging from the Tin Baby to the Tin Girl. Eventually she will be the Tin Woman – hopefully with more heart than her dad.  I have incredibly supportive girlfriend, family and friends who drive me in ways that they will never know.  When I’m not thrashing my body around, I’m undertaking a PhD on nuclear weapons policy, working full time in HR for a major media business, following the Melbourne Football Club, laughing at cartoons, making horrid jokes and reciting Star Wars or Simpsons lines.

Me and the Tin Baby after the Edinburgh Marathon 2012.



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