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Why I’ve Not Been About And Won’t Be For A While

I’ve not written for a while, and that is not likely to change any time soon.  It’s not out of a desire to avoid blogging in any way, shape or form; but rather because what I thought was already a fairly full life of activities has become even more full owing to this little guy:

Going beyond the fact that I managed to convince The Lady to name our son after one of the worlds greatest triathletes, he does mean that my priorities have obviously changed for the foreseeable future, and those priorities don’t necessarily include a large amount of running, let alone cycling or swimming.  Not that I am able to do a large amount of cycling anyway, given that some absolute ******piece of *** of a ******* stole my beloved Cervelo road bike, but one must look at these things in context and it is only a piece of carbon.  An expensive one that I loved – but a piece of carbon all the same.

So – season 2017 is quite rightly a bust.  I mean, I don’t look at it as a ‘bust’ per se, because of the amazingly great things that have come out of it.  I’ve got a son for instance.  I’ve also managed to progress significantly in my PhD and maintain my sanity (somewhat) at work.  And its not the end of running for me in totality – it just means that the more structured weekends of long runs and weekly *ahem* ‘speed’ sessions will give way to ad hoc runs during the week at work lunchtimes, occasional runs home from work and maybe even a rare long run on weekends.  It’s all about adjusting to the new routine at this stage.

So that’s where we are.  I’m still on the countdown to the Great Aberdeen Run and Frankfurt Marathon coming down the pipe, but I’m far less focused on getting PBs and going under 20 minutes for 5km.  More focused on changing nappies, cuddling and gazing longingly at the cute face looking back at me.

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