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Race Report

Race Report – Mega Meon

There was a stage on Saturday, I’m not sure when, when a great panic came over me.  I think I must have been somewhere around 100km into the 160km I was due to cover, when I thought came over me and chilled me to the bone.

I feel great.  I actually feel quite good.  My legs are a bit tight, but I feel good.

How far I have come.  So, long story short, I got another Gold certificate from Wiggle, finished the course in 6:24:25, which included a couple of stops for rest but also a couple of stops for photos and just generally admiring the Portsmouth area.  The biggest takeaway I got from my second ‘century ride’ was how I went on the hills.  Now, I had noted during the Chiltern Classic that I seemed to handle the hills a little better than my fellow cyclists, but during Mega Meon it was loud, clear and blaring.  I was flying past people on the hills, and can recall but a few far-hardier cyclists passing me.  When I say I was flying past people, I mean going by a great rate of knots.  I wasn’t crawling past them in a grinding-slowly-by-them kind of way.  I was out of the saddle, powering by in a Froome-esque display of mediocre level cycling hill climbing.  Which is awesome in itself, but to think that I was – on top of the efforts up hills – able to push in the last 40km or so, was even more encouraging.  This was just a great, great ride for me; made better by the fact that I even managed to mess up my directions in the morning (note: the M3 motorway is not the same as the A3 road) and still made it easily on time.

I got a bit of socialising in as well, chatting to gents from Adelaide and South Africa who talked on the basis of me wearing my Australia jersey.  Which you can see here:

image (1)

There was some lovely scenery too, prompting me to take some photos – a couple while still riding my bike! (my bike handling skills are improving, slowly):

image (2)

image (3)


To be fair, that last one I was stationary for.  So, great ride, great time – all in all a fantastic Saturday outing.  I even managed to feel much less destroyed at the end of the race this time than last (for example, didn’t cramp this time), which may also have been as a result of a far better nutritional run than last time.  I went much more on feel this time rather than forcing myself, which I think was a better plan.

So, the season rolls on – 2 down, 3 to go.  It’s off to the pool to focus on swimming for a bit I think.  I’m adjusting my goals to fit with my vastly improved cycling and running for 2015, but it’s all for nought if I can’t make it to first transition.  So happy with where I am right now in triathlon though!

Listening To: ‘The sound of my own smugness and the inevitable crash it will bring’ by Sean Mackin



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