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My Post-London Marathon Bump

I can hear you already. I can hear the voices, strangled in pain, crying across from The Mall in a incandescent wail matched only by the pain of walking down a small set of stairs.  It squeals – “YOU didn’t RUN the London Marathon!  How can you possibly get a post Marathon bump?!”

Ok, perhaps I over-egged that one a bit.  But I am feeling surprisingly motivated to run again, which has seen me back out on the pavement and even – gasp – considering making my Chasers track debut.  And it’s all because of the feats of not just the pros – but actually moreso everyone else who ran, particularly those who filled my social media feeds over the Sunday with great photos and memories.  I’m so incredibly happy for, and perhaps just a tiny, tiny bit (incredibly) jealous of everyone who got to run on Sunday; it has just really spurred me on to find that 30/60 minutes most days to get out and run.  It doesn’t matter at the moment how far or how fast – I’m just trying to get out and run on a regular basis.

There is quite a long way until Frankfurt (October), so I need to be careful not to injure myself – but I know already what my challenge for this next marathon will be.  I need to maintain my motivation.  I’m really good (who isn’t?) at being motivated for the first chunk of training.  When I look at the data from my Rotterdam preparation, I was bang on track (more or less) for the first few months, but dropped off with a month or so to go.  This would be annoying if it wasn’t what I have done for pretty much every marathon I’ve ever run.  I start off well, maintain that for a few months and then grind to a screeching halt with about 6 weeks to go – losing all of that good work from the leadup, resulting in a stagger over the finish line.

Any advice would be great actually; how do you maintain your motivation in the latter stages of your marathon training?  And a massive congratulations to everyone who completed London – you are an inspiration!

Listening To: ‘Where The City Meets The Sea’ by The Getaway Plan


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Marathon Times

I have completed seven marathons; reducing my personal best time by 1:12:03 between my first and my fastest.

2012 Edinburgh 5:00:42
2013 Thames Meander 4:51:58
2014 Edinburgh 4:36:37
2016 Walking Marathon 8:21:00
2016 Rome 3:48:39
2016 Ironman UK 4:40:59
2017 Rotterdam 4:13:00


5km – 20:32

10km – 43:44

Half – 1:33:22

Marathon – 3:48:39


Olympic Triathlon - 02:40:10 (32:53, 1:12:18, 46:13)

Middle Distance Triathlon - 5:40:59 (46:56, 2:57:59, 1:43:53)

Ironman - 13:46:57 (1:23:55, 7:17:42, 4:41:25)


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